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Soil Stratigraphy for Trench Logging

Course that is given by Glenn Borchardt every few years (last time was June 2016).

The online course is now available.

 The field exercise may be given again sometime after the pandemic is over.


Here is the AEG announcement:



San Francisco Section

Short Course Announcement


Soil Stratigraphy for Trench Logging

Presented by: Dr. Glenn Borchardt, PhD

Topics to be Discussed:

  • ABCs of soils: Soil horizons from simple to complex
  • CTPOT: the factors influencing soil formation
  • Climate & Topography: how water and gravity help "improve" rocks
  • Parent Materials: how rocks control soils
  • Organisms: construction and destruction in soils
  • Pedochronology: perspective and bookkeeping for the ages
  • Relative & Absolute dating methods: chronosequences, U/Th, C-14 and others
  • Laboratory methods: PSD and soil mineralogy
  • Recognizing important soil features
  • Soil Tectonics

Dr. Borchardt is the Principal Soil Scientist for Soil Tectonics, Berkeley, California. Dr. Borchardt has a Ph.D. in Soil
Mineralogy from Oregon State University, an M.S. in Clay Mineralogy from the University of Wisconsin, and a B.S.
in Soil Science from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Borchardt is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist.

 This one-day online course consists of six well-illustrated lectures, complete with quizzes and a certificate of completion for those who pass the final exam. Because the course is asynchronous, students have three months to complete the course. The cost is $250, with a 10% discount for the first 30 AEG members who sign up (use coupon code ssftl20). Students get a 20% discount (use coupon code ssftl20stud). There also is a 3-month payment plan.

To find out more about the course and download the free preliminary reading  materials go to:


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